The CDE Spice Girls
The CDE Spice Boys

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Victory Victory
Yes we did it !, Go on get the beers in !
Relaxation Relaxation
Sporty taking a well deserved rest on Baby's shoulder
Scary Arrival Scary Arrival
Yep definitely a Scary Arrival !
Entrance Entrance
The entrance to Harry's applauded by Spike
Pub Stroll Pub Stroll
Posh strolling around as if nothing unusual is going on
Scary Feeler Scary Feeler
Scary is still touching herself up and Franco is trying to blend in with the locals
Pints Pints
Now this is what going to the pub is all about... PINTS !
And a sneaky feel from Karl !
Minder Break Minder Break
The minders take a well deserved sit down
Baby Stroll Baby Stroll
Baby "I think of got this girl thing sussed"
Ginger "Me Bra strap is caught in me bloody hair"
Sporty "Just a quick scratch, no one will notice"
Spice Yard Spice Yard
Go girls, get that dance thing goin' !
More Pints More Pints
Scary "I want a pint this big !"
Ginger "Mine is going to be this big !"
Sporty Shakin' It Sporty Shakin' It
Sporty shaking everything she's got, Ginger playing peek a boo !
Led Zepplin Baby Led Zepplin Baby
Air Guitar Baby !, Air Guitar Baby !, Go Go Go ...
In Bed With CIara In Bed With CIara
You thought In Bed with Madonna was explicit
You ain't seen nothin' yet !
Groping Groping
Lets get a bit of groping in before the race then
More Groping More Groping
We just can get enough of each other
Claire is looking exceedingly worried that she is next !
Race Day Race Day
Just another normal Sunday afternoon
Five cross dressers going for a stroll down Baggot Street
The Stylist Lift The Stylist Lift
Bird Power !, A Quick Lift for Ciara !

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