The CDE Spice Girls
The CDE Spice Boys

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Group Spice Group Spice
The first full frontal of the entire group
Posing Posing
Another group pose
Balancing Ginger Balancing Ginger
Ginger showing us how she manages to balance on those shoes
Groupie Groupie
Our very first Wannabe Groupie
Ginger Accusations Ginger Accusations
It's ginger giving it one of those to the camera again
Scary Carlos Scary Carlos
Carlos and Scary get it on !
Posh Strangle Posh Strangle
Posh trying to save herself from the boa from hell
Scary just smiling away as usual
Posh Knickers Posh Knickers
The cameraman trying to get a sneaky look up Posh's Dress
Egytpian Spice Egytpian Spice
Spice's do it Egyption style
Scary/Ginger Thing Scary/Ginger Thing
Scary "Oh what lovely breasts I have"
Ginger "Go on give us a feel then"
Baby Strut Baby Strut
Here's Baby doing her Man Impression, Very realistic indeed !
Sporty Swing Sporty Swing
Sporty giving it socks !
Ginger Point Ginger Point
Ginger doing that pointy thing with her hand again
Baby Strut Take II Baby Strut Take II
It's OK baby we've seen you're Man Impression already !
Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy
Come on Ginger get those legs in motion
Finale Finale
The end of the routine, all looking suitable knackered
Worship Dance Worship Dance
Pay homage to the God of Dance
Come on Posh snap out of it !
Big Ones Big Ones
Scary "I saw them they were this size !"
Ginger "Bloody Slip Disc Again, I'm too old for this stuff !"
Posh Stretch Posh Stretch
Go Posh !, Let that hair down girl !
Mind you a bit of decorum with the legs would be nice

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