The CDE Spice Girls
The CDE Spice Boys

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The Cast Members:

Spice Boys

Sporty Spice Sporty Spice
Matt Keenan (Alias Concepta Ramsbottom)
Ginger Spice Ginger Spice
Brian Costello (Alias Prudence McGonigle)
Posh Spice Posh Spice
Paul Sandoz (Alias Plenty O'Toole)
Scary Spice Scary Spice
Colin Stephenson (Alias Yolanda McGhee)
Baby Spice Baby Spice
John Farrelly (Alias Pamella Hussie)

The Roadies

Spike Spike
Darren Kenny
Carlos Carlos
Liam Grogran
Franco Franco
Brendan Hobbart

The Stylists

Ciara Lawler Ciara Lawler
Stylist One, Short Stuff !
Sylvie Benaziez Sylvie Benaziez
Stylist Two

The Spice Boys have arrived and are full of action....

The Spice Boys have made it into the public eye and have been featured in
two national papers. Check out the pictures by clicking on the paper's logo

The Sunday Business Post The Irish Sun

Please send me e-mail with suitable captions for the images that follow.
The best captions will get posted !!

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Ginger Spice Ginger Salute
Go Ginger !, yeah what a hairy thing you are !
Group Spices The Beginning
Let's just say who needs drink to do this... Me !
Ginger Checking Ginger Checking
Ginger checking out her costume
Ginger Ginger Dressing
Ginger "Hmm is this the right way around !"
Sporty Sporty Bra
Sporty "These shaggin' things are easy to open so what's closing them "
Breast Lift Breast Lift
Ginger "Tuck em up that's it "
Posh "That tickles"
Posh Posh Concentration
It dosen't happen a lot but here's Posh is actually caught on film
trying to concentrate her attention on something other than David Beckham !
Scary Painting Commences
The painting transformation begins
Black Legs Black Legs
Ciara "You don't need Polish with all this hair"
Scary "I know I should have waxed"
Pigtails Pigtails
Sporty "Could someone help me with this mess"
Franco Franco
Franco "I'm king of the hill"
Spike Spike
Like the hair dude !
Oops Oops
Exclusive footage of Baby topless
Smarmy Sporty Smarmy Sporty
Sporty trying to figure out how her lips work !
Baby Wipes Baby Wipes
Baby "Ooh I Love a good wipe down !"
Ciara "Hold still you big oaf !"
Ginger Tickles Ginger Tickles
Ginger "Ooh it don't half tickle !"
More Pigtails More Pigtails
Sylvie "What do I do with this thing"
Sporty "I don't know just make something up"
Baby "I want to look my best now"
Posh Juggle Posh Juggle
Posh trying to prove that she is really talented
Carlos & Baby Carlos & Baby
Carlos trying to show Baby how to move those hips
Carlos, Scary, Baby Carlos, Scary, Baby
Scary strutting her thang !

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